Accessory Jukebox

11 years ago

Accessory Jukebox
Accessory Jukebox

Everyone likes a little bit of music at one time or another – for some of us it is as important as oxygen (or at least pretty close) while for some of us it is just something nice to have playing as we go about our daily business. If you really want big music playing wherever you drive, then you can spend a lot of money on getting a sound system installed that will conform to your needs. You may, however, not want to spend that much, and just put the money towards getting a few accessories to benefit your in-car enjoyment of music.

With the advent of the iPod the way that people listen to music has become greatly changed. It is not dissimilar to carrying a jukebox around with you wherever you go, allowing you to put over a thousand songs onto a piece of technology little bigger than a credit card. You can play whichever song you wish, whenever you wish, and have access to any track from hundreds with a few presses of a button. No more looking for the right CD case, finding that the CD is not in it, finally locating the CD and then skipping to the correct track. You can also set playlists for the ideal music selection for your purposes – so if you want some driving music, just select your driving playlist and go for it.

There are numerous in-car iPod docking stations which allow you to separate your iPod from its headphones and use the in car speaker system to play it a lot louder. Most of these systems will be compatible with any MP3 player and not just iPods, so it is worth looking out for ones that will work with your system – information like this is generally included in the sales data that accompanies the product on the website or on its packaging if you are shopping in store.

IPod technology is not the only piece of kit that you can install in your car for audio listening though – a digital radio system is also a worthwhile investment if you drive long distances and have a preferred radio station. All too often you will be driving and your preferred station will gradually tune out as you leave the area. With a digital system, it will constantly re-tune, and if your chosen station is compatible with the technology you will be able to listen to it anywhere you go.

There are so many in-car audio systems these days – from radios to iPod accessories, to hands-free cell phone attachments – that many people are plumping for the option of an external sound board that allows you to add multiple audio systems to your system without having to take apart the dashboard each time you want to fit a new one. Purchasing an External Media Controller makes a whole lot of sense for anyone who is technologically-minded or a music lover and who just wants to have everything where they can control it without compromising their ability to drive safely.

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What type of tights, if any, should i wear with this dress [for prom]?

I really wanted to wear these tights, but they are sold out 🙁

I have looked EVERYWHERE on the internet for some like them, but I can’t find any that are that pale. What other types of tights would look good with this dress? Oh, I am also getting shoes that are the same color as the dress.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just being straightforward. Don’t wear polka dotted tights with that dress. It will clash badly.

If anything at all, I would wear sheer black hosiery. Nothing fancy. I wouldn’t add any kind of pattern. If you feel you must add something, the most I’d do is a back seam, but even that really isn’t necessary.

1954 Seeburg HF100R/D 45 RPM Jukebox & Wallbox In Action

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