Afghan Pattern

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Afghan Pattern
Afghan Pattern

Modular crochet, better known as “THE GRANNY SQUARE TECHNIQUE”, is as popular as ever. In fact, the granny square pattern has been around for so many years and yet it’s never gone out of style. It’s a classic.

Crocheting modules in one specific pattern and then sewing them all together to form a larger piece of fabric – like an afghan – is a very practical method of crochet. The modules are portable and the project can be worked on anywhere. There’s no need to carry around the entire project, just a hook and enough yarn to make a module or two at a time. Plus, it’s easier to learn one particular crochet pattern and keep repeating it as many times as needed.

From the design point of view, multiple modules assembled together results in a very striking overall pattern. Color choice is key to creating an exciting modular crochet finished product. While bright color yarns are often used, any of the modular crochet patterns can look stunning when worked in shades of neutrals or earth tones – like beiges, greys, browns – to achieve an elegant, eclectic look that blends well with sofas and other furnishing colors popular today. It’s also possible to crochet the very same patterns in baby colors and in much finer yarn, like sport-weight or baby-weight, to create beautiful and unusual baby gifts.

The square referred to as ” the granny square” is made up of “rounds” , with each round usually done in a different color yarn. A very simple stitch pattern is used, made up of 3-stitch units. When we refer to modular crochet, however, we also mean a great assortment of eye-catching crochet patterns, some having flowers in the centers, some with very intricate multi-dimensional stitches, like the “popcorn”, the “cluster” and the “puff” stitch, or even lacy textures. Some modules are not square at all, but triangular, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, or round. Strips crocheted separately and then sewn together into afghans and throws can also be considered modular crochet.

There is a huge variety of modular crochet patterns in existence today, and many books and Internet sites offer instructions. Just enter “granny square” or “patchwork crochet” in an Internet search engine. It’s even more exciting to request an “Image” search within “Google” and view the beautiful, colorful, and inspiring photos of completed projects done in this technique.

To guarantee success with this crochet technique, it’s a good idea to learn modular crochet patterns visually – through illustrations, photos, or videos. This is important because traditional crochet instructions are often hard to follow, since they are written in an abbreviated “crochet shorthand”. Illustrated crochet patterns are definitely great, especially for beginners. Intermediate and experienced crocheters are also helped by step by step stitch diagrams. Complicated stitches are much easier to learn that way.

The technique of modular crocheting has endless possibilities. It can be used for making afghans, baby blankets, baby outfits, scarves, hats, bags, and countless other wearables and home accessories. It’s an exciting crochet method that provides many opportunities for creativity, relaxation, and personal satisfaction.

Author of this article – Bella Scharf – is the creator of the crochet website at

The site offers a collection of fully illustrated crochet patterns. Bella Scharf was design director at a major yarn company for many years, and has authored two craft books. The first – Illustrated Patchwork Crochet – was a best-seller, with over 150,000 copies sold. It was also a Literary Guild Alternate, and was featured by Doubleday Book Club.

Does anyone know where I can get round crochet afghan pattern?

I have done a search and only seen the Baby Afghan patterns – which are good, but thought I would throw out this question. Thanks!

Mary Maxim has one that is round, but you would have to purchase the kit. Other than that, I would say be creative, adapt the baby patterns you’ve found to a larger size by using larger yarn and a larger hook, and addind rows. It’s usually easy to add rows once the pattern is established… Good Luck!

Crochet Boucan Pattern Stitch – Scarf – Afghan – Blanket

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