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Airbrush Alloy
Airbrush Alloy

Are these scuba tanks ok to purchase?

I am buying one as a way to power my airbrush. I am currently looking at these two. I do know that ones pre 1988 I think were made of an aluminum alloy which has been known to explode upon refilling. Only 12 have done it or so but I don’t want to be the 13th.

The two I am looking at have the following codes stamped on the actual tank. The first says “DOT 3AL 3000 P148118 LUXFER 10A 94”

The Second says that the original hydro is in 7/1990.

Are both of these ok from the blowing up problem?

Thanks a bunch guys

Alum 80’s are still the “tank d’jour”. The most common out there. That hydro is waaay out there.I’d be asking how the tank was stored. Was it still pressurized? It should have been stored that way and hopefully still has a residual.
As far as I’m aware, the Luxfer tanks that weren’t properly tested prior to shipping were in the pre 1983 era. Tanks prior to ’89 were made of a different alloy than being used now and although there were incidents…so there were also incidents from other manufacturers as well. If the tank in question is vized and hydro’d by a reputable shop and passes…the tank will be certified as safe. It will be safe. If it’s’s ready for the scrap heap. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for these cylinders though. Not unless they saw very little use. You usually get 15 years good use out of a tank before it’s ready to be a case of pop cans. These are a tad more “mature” and may have seen quite regular use. Most dive shops have a cardinal rule NOT to even think about filling a tank over 15 years. Ask your local dive shop first before purchase, they may not go by that rule (doubtful). If the serial # is on Lufer’s recall..then avoid ’em like the plague. If’s your dime and you can gamble as you see fit. This is why I’m not a big fan of second hand gear sales for some items and definitely not online.

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