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Airbrush or Spray Paint for models?

I just took my son to the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago and he got a real kick out of the German U-505 sub so we bought a model from the gift shop and put it together, and we had a blast.

I haven’t put together a model since I was a teenager, so I’m a little out of the loop. We plan on picking up some more models at the hobby shop, but I’m curious of what’s more time & cost effective when it comes to painting…

In the 90’s when I was a teenager, airbrushing was getting popular and I saw a lot of airbrush kits at the hobby shops. The other day I went to a well known hobby shop in the area and didn’t see any airbrush’s for sale, only spray paint.

Anybody have any insight on that? In my experience the airbrush’s needed a lot of maintenance and were kind of hard to keep clean. Is that why I didn’t see any?

I’ve been to the sub too, neat!. Love the coal train too.

As to paint, the spray might be the way to go on this one as it won’t have too many colors. Spray main base color, use hobby acrylics for small items(Polly S is good). Tamiya rattle cans are very nice, comes out even. If their are decals it’s best to put them on a gloss surface. Follow up with Testors dullcoat in light mistings.
If you’re going to build more models you may want to invest in an airbrush. Not too many hobby shops around anymore, you may want to look online for a set. I use a Paasche VL with a Paasche compressor. It’s fairly easy to use and clean. If you clean it out right each use you should have no problems. I spray Tamiya acrylics(small jars) thinned with rubbing alcohol. Here’s a spaceship I recently sprayed with airbrush. Panel lines are pencilled on after dullcoat, an added effect you could do easily on the sub. Other weathering can be done with pastel chalks. is a good site with info. If you have any Hobby Lobby stores around you might find sets there, maybe even on sale. Hope that helps.

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