Airbrush Template

11 years ago

Airbrush Template
Airbrush Template

Anyone tried Clinique airbrush concealer?

Has anyone tried this? If so can you tell me please what the shades come out like?
On the site ‘Medium’ looks lighter than ‘neutral fair’, what did you find?
Is ‘Fair’ really pale?

Thanks x

I have never used it but i use Dinair airbrush makeup and i LOVE it! When i was looking up online which airbrush company to go with i found that Dinair was the best
1) They do not use silicone in their makeup, which is TERRIBLE for your skin. It’s like putting plastic over your face so your pores can’t breathe which, of course, leads to breakouts. And Dinair is all water-based.
2) They originated the concept of airbrush makeup over 25 years ago. So everyone else is getting their ideas from Dinair.
3) They have really friendly people that answer the phone. The other places we rude to some people i know but when i called to get my makeup kit from dinair they were super helpful on the phone.

You should go to their site and check them out…if you just type dinair into google you’ll find it. Hope this helped…=)

Airbrush-Using Two Part Skull Template

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