Album Kit

10 years ago

Album Kit
Album Kit

would it be better if i installed a body kit?
its a 1993 i plan to geta B16 Swap next month and (FYI) i dont got no plans of reselling

The ones who said yes to the body kit are probably 12 year old Vin Diesels or Paul Walkers.

DO NOT get a body kit. Your car looks nice and clean, I would recommend lowering the car, properly of course. Get nice and subtle things like a nice front lip, amber corner lamps and such. If you want a car that will get noticed by other car enthusiasts keep it clean but sexy at the same time. I really like the looks of your car right now, just need some minor flare.

Good luck on the B16 swap you will love it!

Nas – “ILLMATIC” Album Release Press Kit (1994)

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