Alpaca Yarn

10 years ago

Alpaca Yarn
Alpaca Yarn

What would make you excited enough to want to buy that hand spun hand dyed yarn?

I am a fiber artist and would like to know what would grab you and make you have to have that hand spun hand dyed yarn. I work with exotic fibers like alpaca, bamboo, camel, hemp, llama, silk & of course, merino. Is price really factor when getting something this extravagant or is it about yardage? When checking out something really expensive would you rather have (80-200 yds) rather than none?

I myself am not much of a crafter, but my mom is a knitaholic.
If she sees something she really wants she will buy it even if it costs a bit more.

Is it possible to put your product with a pattern or instructions on how to make something with it. Kinda like a kit. For me, because I am not that creative, kits attract me because it is all together and I don’t have to come up with an idea of what to make,

Choosing An Alpaca Yarn

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