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What is Performing Arts A-Level like, and how will it help me?

I recently finished my GCSEs and got an A grade in Drama (which was amazing considering we only had an actual teacher for about three months of the year, but, whatever…). My chosen college offers Performing Arts A-Level, which I’ve signed up for. What I’m really looking for is advice or any information about the course from someone who’s actually done it before. Thanks.

I’ve just finished my first year at a college where half of the students do Performing Arts. It’s endorsed as a Performing Arts college. Are you sure it’s an A-Level and not a BTec you’ve signed up for? Anyway, Performing Arts students tend to be very idealist – if you want to go to a Drama School after college, go for it; if the other subjects you’ve chosen are quite hard, then it will make a nice contrast, though there are a lot of hours to be put into rehearsal.

If you plan to go to a good university, studying a science, I wouldn’t at all recommend Performing Arts (though if you start with four subjects, it’s common to drop one for the second year). However, if you want to study one of the arts, or English Literature, Performing Arts will look really good.

Performing Arts includes singing, dancing, and acting, so of course it helps to be good at all three. I know a few people who chose it for a laugh, and they’ve ended up with awful results for the first year. So, even though it’s fun, you should still take it seriously. Good luck.

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