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Applique Kit
Applique Kit

Help applying applique to a quilt?

I’m making a quilt from block in a kit, but one of the blocks has pieces I have to cut to make a flower that then needs to be appliqued onto the larger fabric, and I have no idea how to do this. I do not want to edge it in puff paint either.

I want to sew them on, I’m just not sure how-I’m a beginner and just doing quarter inch seams is challenging, im not sure I can finesse the fabric to the edge of shapes like that.

Also do I use temporary fusible spray or the fusible sheets? Do I HAVE to wash the fabric first or can I wait (the quilt instructions say dont wash the fabric till after the top is done, but all the fusible stuff I read says if you dont wash it before applique it might not stick proper.

I’m confused. Any suggestions?

Do lightly pre-wash, dry and press the fabric. Dark separately so you can remove excess dye.

I like to use a light weight iron-on interfacing to turn and then attach the applique to the block.

Lay the interfacing with the adhesive (slick or bumpy depending on the brand) to the right side of the fabric. Lay the pattern on top, pin and stitch less than 1/4′ around the applique. Or, you can cut out the pattern and then sew the two together.

Cut a slit in the interfacing and turn the applique. You will have the adhesive side of the interfacing on the backside of the applique. Once you are happy with the turn, lay on the block and press.

The applique will not fray and you can add any type of stitching you prefer – blanket/button hole stitch, blind applique stitch or satin stitch.

Videos for the above method –

If the applique design has angles too sharp for the interfacing method, you can use Steam A Seam Lite. It is a fusible with paper on the front and back. You iron it onto the back of the fabric for the applique, trace the design on the second sheet, cut out and iron onto the block. For this method, the satin stitch is the best to use.

Video for the Steam A Seam method –

m_candys resin kit tutorail – Part 5

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