Apron Pattern

10 years ago

Apron Pattern
Apron Pattern

When making a kitchen apron, what is the best fabric to use?

I see alot of kitchen fabrics that are made from Cotton Fabrics. Do they need to be backed with a different material to make them thicker or stronger?

This is in regards to making one from scratch with a sewing machine?

I have my pattern and my cotton fabrics. Just seems so thin?

Any ideas? Thank you

Cotton has always been the fabric of choice. I have made several and some I wear when hanging the laundry (big pockets for the clothes pins), cleaning and sewing.

If the fabric is too thick or heavy is can pull down at the neck and give you a pain in the neck (full length apron) and the extra layer of heavy fabric can get a little warm.

No backing is necessary…it will add warmth and you want to be “cool” when working in the kitchen.

If you are making a half-apron, you may want to interface the waistband to make it more stable.

Sewing Handmade Aprons : Preparing Apron Patterns

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