Armour Etch

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Armour Etch
Armour Etch

The Cricut Expression is excellent – a great product to have. I have found numerous uses for this machine outside of my scrap booking desire. If you are a newbie, pro or perhaps just wish to have fun doing arts and crafts, this is the product to have. It features accurate cutting and it will even etch glass using the unique Armour Etch fluid, a permanent glass etching solvent. Along with an easy-view LCD display screen lets you to view what you are typing that makes it ideal for card making, scrap booking, and paper creating. It is portable and light-weight and bast of all, there is absolutely no computer required – simply just plug it in and begin creating.

It is a big investment, but when compared to other die cut systems it is really a good offer. Simply having the flexibility to modify the sizes of the fonts is well worth the price. I agree with the fact that the cutting mat seems to last longer than it states it will – which was one of my personal issues when I decided to buy the product. I did not want to have to be continuously buying replacement mats – but I am not so that is perfect. This product has so many new features yet it is still compatible with ink cartridges from earlier models. It is ready-to-go right out of the box and does not require a computer.

This machine goes wherever I go. Just plug it in and turn it on! Its lightweight construct and comfy handle make it easy to take to crops and get togethers. Compact and portable does not mean you are trapped with little shapes and letters; it can cut images up to 5.5″ tall and up to 11.5″ long.The complete Cricut collection possesses everything you need: cartridges that contain complete alphabet and shape sets, cutting mats, cutting blades, paper-shaping tools, and a storage tote. Once you set it up, you are on your way to creating precise, eye-popping designs from major designers. Your creations are limited only by your imagination!

For features, benefits, details and the amazing special offer visit The Cricut Expression

how can I remove armour all from concrete?

I am attempting to acid stain my stamped concrete driveway. I have etched it with muriatic acid. Ihave nuetralized it with TSP. When I wet it with water the concrete stays white where armour all spray has been used on tires over the years. I know the acid stain will not penetrate these 8 area’s. I have scrubbed them with TSP, Driveway degreaser, 3300 psi pressure washer etc. What gets the armour all out?

from my expierence with detailing cars I have found a degreaser will remove armour all from the interior of cars on pavement not too sure. go to a parts store and ask them for a degreaser, you need something that will get rid of silicone the main ingredent in armour all.

DIY freehand glass etching using armor etch (no stencil needed)

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