Art Crafts

11 years ago

Art Crafts
Art Crafts

Home business ideas? art, crafts, skilled, trade business (not internet marketing!)?

What are the trends now a days, I’m not looking to join an internet marketing business. I do not believe in them. I am willing to learn a new trade and I’m wondering what new and emerging trends are these days.

I am a stay at home Mom. Enjoy arts, crafts… working from my garage basically.

Thanks for your ideas!

If you want to start a business from home then it has to be something you have a passion for. What do you like to do? What are you good at? Are there any skills that you would like to learn? Are you creative?

Have you ever tried beading or making jewelry? Jewelry has been around since the beginning of time and probably always will be. But it is also a big competition out there, so you need to make your jewelry unique and creative.

check out this site:

The whole site is a home based jewelry business and design guide with hundreds of ideas and tips to inspire you to design and create unique bead jewelry designs that will give you an edge in the market place.

A great resource for inspiration and innovation in marketing and designing handmade bead jewelry from home.


Punks of Privilege | The Arts & Crafts Movement

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