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Art Doll
Art Doll

A Matryoshka doll is a Russian nesting doll. Usually made of wood, the Matryoshka consists of several dolls that are similarly shaped and fit one inside the other. When you pull one piece apart, another one, slightly smaller, sits inside. There are usually six or more in a set. The female dolls are called “Baboushkas,” which is Russian for a “cute old woman,” and the male structures are called “Dedoushka”, meaning “cute old man.” The shape is mostly cylindrical, rounded at the top for the head and tapered towards the bottom. Keep in mind there are several different types, and several different price ranges of nesting dolls are available. Just have a look and get to know the types of that rocks the Russian markets today.

Animal nesting dolls:

They can come in very small sizes so would not be suitable for small children. These are not toys, but rather a gift to give or display. You can find horse nesting dolls, dolphin, panda, and a new version of the Golden Retriever nesting doll.

Occupational and Educational nesting dolls:

These are always fun to collect or give as gifts. If you know of someone’s profession, who is a teacher, Doctor, Nurse, Veterinarian, or any other occupation, you might just be in luck finding a for them.

Christmas nesting dolls:

Coming to festival dolls, there are different types of Santas, Father Frost, Christmas Carol, Snowmen, Nutcracker, Nativity Scene, and Christmas Eve Nesting Dolls. There are also Halloween Cats, and even the “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” Sets.

Religious nesting dolls:

There are many different types of Monastery Dolls, Saints, Apostles, and Angels on these exhibit perfect examples art works. Nativity Scenes, Mangers scenes, and a set of the Holy Family are some other art works of religious dolls.

Russian Folk Art & Russian Tales Nesting Dolls:

Russian folk art and Russian Tales Nesting dolls are perfect examples of traditional Matryoshka. These are the dolls which flashes one’s mind instantly whenever one hears the name, Russian dolls. These are purely hand painted in Russia. They are very colorful and have very detailed history. Some have white paint and gold foil embellishments creating a stunning contrast against the dark-stained background of the wood burned doll. Fang Matryoshkas are super-cute despite the fact that they are baring their sharp teeth. These fang Matryoshkas are inspired by 9th century Russian nesting dolls and are made out of high-grade ABS plastic. The biggest Matryoshka stands at 4.5 inches tall, and the littlest one is just 1.25 inches tall.

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I need to know the exact name of a Wooden doll, i think Leonardo has something to do with it?

I have a project and on assassins creed it showed that doll, i know you can find it it in art rooms and i need to know if it impacted the renaissance please help me.

I believe you are talking about a “wooden mannequin”:

ADO Art Dolls Only

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