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Art Dvd

Where can I find cover art for CD/DVD’s. Is there a database somewhere?

I know Gracenote has a CD database for track listings and such. Is there anyplace that has a database for cover art for CD’s and DVD’s? I have some artwork that has been damaged and a lot that I just want a digital copy.

I know iTunes and some other programs can find some cover art, but where are they getting the pictures from?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

In the 1990s there were two books that showcased CD cover art. They were named “Compact Disc, Packaging & Graphics 1” and “Compact Disc, Packaging & Graphics 2”. There have been others, but these are my favorites.

But these type of books are not frequently printed as before, and probably not at all. Blame the popularity of the Internet! 😉 After, to print such book is much more expensive that just uploading images.

As far as the Internet databases on CD cover art, there does not seem to be too much out there. Some images exist in art sites, such as But they are all not in a single database. The problem, of course, is getting all the permissions necessary to use copyrighted material.

Sometimes a graphic artist can take a damaged image and re-create the image that was there previously. Depending on the damage, I, or some other graphic artist, can make the image as good, and in some cases better, than the original.

I hope this helps!


Intermediate DVD Promo- Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained

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