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How do you create the vector art/cartoon look on images in JASC Paint Shop Pro?

I really want to learn vector art but all the tutorials are for Adobe Photoshop. How do I do vector art in Paint Shop Pro by JASC?

Easiest answer you can’t. JASC Paint Shop Pro is not designed to make vector images. Adobe Photoshop has limited capabilites for vector artwork, but is mainly for raster images. Raster images are simply pixels. They do not print as well or as crisp as a vector image. Vector images use points, lines, and curves to make images. Vector images can be blown up to large sizes with no pixelation of the image.

To make vector images the preferred programs are Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Some artists even use Macromedia Flash to make vector images.

The following link has some decent tutorials for Illustrator.

Spray Paint Art- The Cross

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