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Art Tips
Art Tips

With all the hoopla about selling art online, there is one surefire way any artist can began selling art online for free or at least at minimal cost. There are three easy steps that you as an artist can follow without spending any money or little money at all. First, would be to set-up a blog. Next, set-up an account and fan page on Facebook. Third, is set-up a following on Twitter followed by YouTube. You may or may not have heard of these four platforms but by following these steps you can began marketing your work and build a following around you that can lead to making sells with your work.


One of the most easy and creative ways to sell your art online for free or very little money (under 100 dollars) is using a blog. The beauty of a blog is that you can post images of your work, videos of your art, and sell your work. With a blog you make posts about your works in progress, tell about your upcoming shows and etc. Blogs are very easy to set-up. Two of the most popular blog platforms are and

Another great thing about having a blog is that people can easily find you because of Google’s search engine. Google and other popular search engines love blogs that are loaded with creative content. If you want to start selling your art online without any cost to, you would want to go ahead and set-up an account with Blogger or WordPress today. It’s very easy and there tons of videos on YouTube that show how to set-up your blog so that you can began selling art online for free today. The most important thing to remember is that you want to post something on your blog at least two to three times a week so that your blog can be easily found through Google. The more you post the higher your ranking becomes.


Another great way to sell your art online for free is via Facebook, which is becoming more popular. You may not believe me but, you can make sales just by allowing your friends, family, and fans to instantly view your work through simply posting new images or content about the work. I have made several art sells to friends, through friends Facebook pages, and to fans of my work when they saw my work posted on Facebook.

The beauty of Facebook and other social media is you can connect with people in real time. So, if you’ve just finished painting, sculpting, or drawing you can immediately post the work on Facebook and get instant feedback. This also allows you to connect with potential buyers and build relationships. Another great thing about using Facebook, is that it can be a great way to connect to galleries.

More and more galleries are subscribing to Facebook and connecting with artists and art collectors and this is a great advantage for you. These galleries can connect you to people who are willing to spend money on art.

If you have an account already, go ahead and begin a fan-page based on your art and begin connecting with friends, family, and fans. This also allows you to separate your personal life from your art business. Market your work through your fan-page and build relationships along the way. If you have a blog already have a link directing visitors on your blog to your Facebook page.

Facebook Fanpage is another way to stay connected to your market.


A third way to sell your work online for free is via Twitter. Twitter is a little different from Facebook. It is not as personal as Facebook however you can still connect with your fans and people who follow your work. The difference with Twitter is that you can’t post anything over 140 characters and it is not as easy to post images or video from your account.

On the plus side, with Twitter you can update people (or your following) about your shows, work (s), and on other pertinent info about yourself. You can use it to also drive people back to your website, blog, and Facebook where people can see more of your work and information about your work.

Although Twitter only allows you to use 40 characters, it is still is a great way to market to your following and build your list.


YouTube, my favorite way to sell artwork online, can be a great way to build a following and drive them to your website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter page. The neat thing about making a video is that it allows people to see your true emotions and see the real you. Creating a video on YouTube is a great way to show of your work. You can post a video of you creating your work, selling your work, and/or talking about your work.

The key to having videos on YouTube is to use the video to drive traffic to the main place(s) where you sell your artwork.


With all the various social networks and blog platforms you can began selling art online for free or with minimal cost. You can sell and promote your art for free today with a blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All four are easy to set up and can be use to drive traffic to your site or blog and ultimately began selling art online easily.

Are you interested in letting others know you are online with Facebook and Twitter when you are selling your art at art festivals?

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Ahmad Austin is an artist who has helped others to earn money selling their art at art festivals, online and with art galleries.

Have any anime/manga art tips, suggestions, reccomendations?

Just any tips on drawing anime and manga. Also, any sites, tutorials, or books, that you’d reccomend. I can draw fairly well, but to advance I need such advice. So, any one?

General Research Guides for Students:

Easy to use links that will help with all your research needs, try typing a keyword or two into the search engine and see what happens.……

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