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Artist Blank
Artist Blank

Not everyone has the time and patience to finish their basement. The prospect of spending all of your hard earned cash to have a bunch of guys noisily traipse dirt and sawdust through your house for the next few weeks is enough to put off even the most adventurous remodellers. Luckily, there is a simpler solution for getting some use out of that Mediterranean space. With style and strategy, you can create a basement whose inherent charm will draw attention despite its recessed reclusive ness.

Work With It!

Dirty concrete walls? Dim lighting? Exposed wooden beams? These are not necessarily features to run from. In fact, these aspects actually provide you with a variety of decorating options.

For one thing, you can always go rustic. Choose natural materials, clefted slate coffee tables, thick animal skin rugs, and natural stone accessories. These will flow seamlessly with the natural wood beam and concrete features of the space and their elegant chaos will actually elevate the inherent beauty of the space.

You also have the option of pursuing dive décor. Dim overhead lighting, coupled with a pool or poker table, and even scattered flickering neon signs. Just because the space isn’t tidy and controllable doesn’t mean that it isn’t attractive. Use the inherent disorder of the space to create a room which is startling.

Light it up!

Lighting is the biggest factor in a basement. In this subterranean space not much light gets in, allowing you to control the illumination like an artist with a blank canvas.

One choice is to use soft ambient lighting, or spaced accent lights. These create a dim, unimposing glow which doesn’t feature the unfinished aspects of the space. Instead it creates conversation nooks in the center of spaces. This can be reinforced by placing a couple of chairs around a coffee table in the center of a room. Basements generally have large, irregularly shaped rooms anyways. In this case, you can just use empty space as the walls.

Just Be Careful

Make sure that you thoroughly understand your basement before you start decorating it. Basements, being recessed in the ground, are sometimes prone to floods. They can also be subject to mold, and mildew. What’s worse, not much sunlight gets into the tiny windows, which means that you don’t have a lot of natural help against these elements.

Find out if you live in an area where a flood might occur, and take the necessary precautions. Plastic bins can protect possessions, and flood pumps can reduce the mess.

As far as mold and dirt, just keeping a generally clean area will help that. Make sure that it is possible to get plenty of light into recessed corners so you can see any mess that might be hiding there. Rather than sacrificing your intimate atmosphere, you can have a second, brighter light installed in the room, to be used only when you need to clean or see for some other reason.

Just because you have an unfinished basement doesn’t mean that you have a waste of space. Just look at it as a challenge. Try to find a purpose for the room, and then make accommodations for the natural features. Be realistic! It probably won’t become the most popular place in the house, but you might at least create a backup space where you can hide when you need a quiet moment alone.

This article provided by – Artists working in stone to create decorative candle holders and other natural home accessories

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