Artist Brushes

11 years ago

Artist Brushes
Artist Brushes

Why would an artist use thick brush strokes?

Does it add depth, or what exactly is the reasoning.

It does, like you said, create a lot of depth for the mind.

Strokes can be compared to the guitar:
Thinner strokes of a brush, just like shredding on a guitar, is more of a way to compliment skill and to see how good of an artist, or musician, they are, rather than getting absorbed into what was actually painted.

Thicker strokes, just like a guitar player throwing his soul into a simple riff, is more of a way to have your mind and soul focus on the painting, or chords, and get completely lost in ocean-depth thought, rather than giving a crap about the skill involved.

At least that’s what I see when I look at it.

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