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When trying to pick a theme for your young child’s birthday, look to a favorite bathtub toy inspiration. A Rubber Ducky Birthday Party is fun, classic, and one that your child will love. Here are some ideas for hosting one. It is perfect as a 1st birthday or for a toddler or preschooler.

A party invitation is the first glimpse your guest has of the birthday party. It is the perfect time to set the mood. You can create your own rubber ducky party invitations. Fill your bathtub with bubbles and rubber duckies. Place your child in the middle of it all. This is the perfect picture for a photo invitation. If you want to make a more elaborate invitation fill a small box with a bar of soap, rubber duck, and sponge. Write the party details on a piece of yellow card stock cut into a duck shape. Your guests will love both ideas. 

This is a fun party to decorate for. The first order of business is to have a large number of rubber duckies. You will want to place them everywhere. Put them on the tables, on the food buffet, counters, and in the bathroom. Decorate with blue and pearl balloons to create bubbles around the party area. Place a bubble machine outside to welcome your guests to the party. 

A party for young party guests does not need many organized activities. Most will be happy playing with toys. Even the youngest of guests will enjoy a pull-string Rubber Duck piñata. You can also play a popular carnival game as well. Fill a large bucket with water and float some rubber duckies in it. Pre-mark the ducks with numbers to correspond to various prize bags. Let each child pick out a duck and they win the bag with the same number. 

The Rubber Ducky inspiration can be used on your food buffet too. Label buckets “duck feed” and fill them with fish shaped crackers. Fill your punch bowl with blue punch and float rubber duckies or duck shaped ice cubes in it. There is a Rubber Ducky cake pan available if you would like to make the birthday cake. It is the perfect centerpiece to the whole party. 

Your child will delight in this Rubber Ducky Birthday Party. It will be as fun to plan as it will be to host and will not soon be forgotten by you or your guests. 

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What should I carve into a rubber stamp?

for my art project, i have to carve an eraser into a rubber stamp and i do not know what to carve so, my dear friends, i have turned to the internets for assistance! do not let me down!

Maybe the traditional “Rejected,” and/or “Approved” dipped in Red or Blue ink [Red for Rejected, Blue for Approved, or the opposite way might show a bit of Irony]

or an intricate flower, or bug, or some sort of abstract figure.

Sounds like a cool project, I might try that on my own.

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