Baby Doll

9 years ago

Baby Doll
Baby Doll

Creative way to wrap a baby doll that didn’t come in a box?

I just bought my daughter a realistic baby doll. It did not come in a box. I need a way to wrap it and keep it safe but I want to do something a little more creative than just a box.

Well…I don’t know how big your doll is, but what about purchasing a baby blanket and wrapping it up that way? I don’t think you’d need to wrap the blanket in anything else, just affix a ribbon to keep it from coming unrolled. Then it becomes a two-fold gift – baby doll + blanket for doll.

Maybe something like this:
Only make sure the head is covered, too.

Or for something a little more simple, you can always bag it. There are so many wonderfully creative bag designs these days, then just buy matching tissue paper for a finished look.

Baby Doll – Trailer (1956)

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