Baby Shower

11 years ago

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Planning a co-ed baby shower and I would like some input on the decorations?

I’m already avoiding pretty much all of the standard baby shower decorations. The invitations are very bright and colourful and I’m planning on sticking with those colours instead of pastels. What 2 colours do you think would go well together? The shower will be for a baby girl but the colours certainly don’t need to be gender specific. What are some things I can decorate with so the guys don’t feel more akward then they probably already do with attending a co-ed shower?

Have you considered pink and brown decorations? It’s a modern way of decorating for your baby shower. Baby Showers nowadays don’t have to have pastels, pretty much anything goes nowadays.
I have also seen black and red for a ladybug baby shower theme.

Hope this helps!

Sandra @

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