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Badge Parts

The E70 X5 is such a versatile car, it has attracted a lot of people who normally wouldn’t be your average BMW Driver. As a result of this, it doesn’t really get the same type of crowd as the smaller, more nimble cars, and that means the market for modifying them is a lot less vibrant. Ultimately, many aftermarket parts companies don’t pay any attention to the E70, at all! This can leave you, if you own one, frustrated and without ample options. Fear not, there is still hope, especially now that the E70 X5M is available!

The Big, Well-Known Tuners

The big tuners such as AC Schnitzer, Hartge, Hamann, and even 3D Design will always make a full “program” (a line of performance, aerodynamics, wheels, suspension, braking, and interior parts) for every BMW car, even though the SAV’s are made in Spartansberg South Carolina, Not Germany! Though their parts are often pretty pricey, they do sell each of them individually, and so you can purchase whatever it is you want for your E70 X5 from one of these big tuning companies. As far as suspension upgrades are concerned, the big names like H&R & KW come out with options for every single car on the market – so you should have no problems. You should also note that SOME of the parts being made for the X5M will fit your car, for example Vorsteiner’s new carbon fiber vented race hood fits the X6, X6M, X5, and X5M. This is great news, because if it weren’t for the X6M (a very sporty, enthusiast-centered car), Vorsteiner never would have made a hood for the X5!

The OEM+ Route

If the big tuner route doesn’t work, you can always opt to do subtle modifications like upgrading specific components to OEM parts from the X5M, or tastefully enhancing your original parts. For example, you could install an OEM X5M Body kit on your Non-M vehicle, or maybe the steering wheel, etc. As long as you don’t put the X5M badge on the car, it won’t be frowned upon as “posing!”

The Universal Fitment Route

There are a number of parts on your X5 (shifters, pedals, rims, filters, and more) which are shared with other models, and so aftermarket bits made for those cars can also be used on your SAV. Speak to a knowledgable specialist about this, who is sure the parts will fit. You don’t want to have to return it!

The Custom Made Route

If all that doesn’t satisfy the itch of the mod bug, you can always search for a great body shop, muffler shop, or tuner, and then there’s no limit. They can weld up a custom exhaust, make a one-off front bumper out of your original bumper, or even widen the whole car for you.

Though a lot of your preferred tuners may choose to ignore the E70 X5 as a viable market niche, there still are a fair number of options, and you shouldn’t feel frustrated! Use it as an opportunity to express yourself and do something fresh and original.

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I’m building a custom 1998 isuzu rodeo, and i belive my parts list is just what i need,?

to build a truly special one of a kind mercedes 4×4,its a 4 door 98 rodeo perfect body 2wD to start with,removing anything that says isuzu,then putting a set of 1985 toyota 4×4 axles 513 gears -truck will be powered by a mercedes 240D 4CYL INLINE DIESEL w-custom made aluminum plate to allow me to mount the toyota 5 speed & transfur case,truck will run a set of 35×1250 -15 tires on alcoa wheels, w-4 inch lift, the plan is to have a factory looking truck with plasma cut mercedes congo badges inside out and all the best parts, my question is on my choice of 513 gearing is it low enough for the mercedes inline none turbo 4cyl Diesel motor ,its a very reliable engine, but my gearing needs to be a very good match, this machine must be built to last, driving to lower mexico and back many times, thanks for any help on this.

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