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Barbie Mattel
Barbie Mattel

“Dear Santa, Please can I have a Barbie doll for Christmas?” Barbie dolls have probably been on Christmas wish lists for several generations of girls. In fact Barbie has become a household name for many years. Who created the first concept of the Barbie doll?

The story started with the birth of Ruth Mosko in Denver Colarado in 1916. Ruth married Elliot Handler in 1938. Elliot Handler and his business partner Harold ‘Matt” Matson formed the company Mattel. The name was created by a combination of their names ‘Matt-Ell”. Mattel originally manufactured picture frames, but after making dolls furniture from scraps decided to focus on toy manufacturing for which Mattel is now famous.

Ruth Handler noticed that her young daughter Barbara was more interested in playing with adult dolls, than the baby dolls that were available at that time. While traveling in Europe she saw a German doll called ‘Lilli’ which she bought for her daughter. The original ‘Lilli’ doll was not a children’s toy, but a joke style gift for men.

Mattel bought the marketing rights for ‘Lilli’. They changed the doll’s name to Barbie, named after Ruth’s daughter Barbara. Barbie was first released for sale in the United States in 1959 and became a hot seller. Barbie’s boyfriend ‘Ken’ was introduced in 1960. Ken was named after Ruth’s son Kenneth.

The Barbie doll was first displayed at the New York International American Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. This date became Barbie’s official birthday. There is now a fictional biography of the life of ‘Barbie’ with additional family and friends created and sold as separate dolls.

Barbara White is not related to Barbie and does not have as many outfits To browse through some of the many versions of Barbie and her outfits which have been produced since 1959 visit For more great articles check out BarbaraÂ’s free article submission directory

Is there a number for Mattel I could use to get information regarding the production of Barbie?

I’m doing a project for my human geography class on industry. And I picked Barbie as my product to learn about. I called Mattel hotline and they directed me to another number, and they hung up on me!….i think. I just need a number where I could be directly connected to a person who knows as much about Barbie manufacturing as possible.

Try emailing them, or calling them more than once, god kids are so freaking lazy these days.

Wait, aren’t you the same person who asked about shipping times but didn’t specify where you would be shipping to? And then gave me a thumbs down for attenpting to answer your poorly phrased question?

Barbie is produced in a sweat shop in Thailand. 75% of the employees have respiratory disorders, and are very sick. It is not a good place to work, and the conditions of this sweat shop have been made public and have been in the news in previous years. The public was outraged! As such, they created a big cover-up so it is impossible to find out any information on Barbie production now.

Time to pick a new product… something local.

Mattel Banking on Shanghai for Barbie’s Future

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