Beach Pottery

11 years ago

Beach Pottery
Beach Pottery

Are some people spending so much time in here that they are missing out on what life has to offer?

Well for example, while Johnsmith 2025 is busy typing a 15 paragrph essay about “trolls” he could be at the club drinking a Kamikaze and flirting with a hot brunette with nice, big boobs.

Or while Mamba is busy surpassing Nickster as the number one answer in the basketball section, he could be skydiving, deep sea fishing, or even taking up pottery.

Or lets say for example while Lil Tsunamis busy giving one liners and voting her own answers as best, she missed a huge party on the beach at which she would have met the man of her dreams.

How about while Black Justin Bieber is in here making bad jokes and chatting about basketball during the offseason, there is a whole hoard of girls out there he could be making out with, but instead chooses Yahoo Answers as the highlight for his night.

Do you see what im getting at basketball section?

ha ha ha ha ha ha at these basket-case-ballers

Nautical, Seashore Clay Pottery Inspired By The Sea

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