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Cabochons for Jewelry:

A cabochon is commonly defined as a flat-backed stone or other material that has a domed and usually polished top. There are several methods used to prepare a cabochon for use in jewelry, such as mounting it in a gold or silver setting, wire wrapping, or finishing it with beadwork. Of all these options, a beaded cabochon may offer the best choice, as the design possibilities with this technique are endless and the desired look or effect of the cabochon can be affected tremendously.

Some cabochons are calibrated, meaning they are cut to a very precise size and shape. You will find that others are freeform and may also be asymmetrical. Small cabochons are very suitable for making lovely earrings and bracelets, or can be combined with a larger cabochon for a unique and lovely piece of jewelry. A nicely cut and polished semi-precious stone cabochon, finished with beadwork, makes a fabulous centerpiece for a stunning one-of-a-kind beaded cabochon necklace.

Proper Bead Selection:

The beads used to make a beaded cabochon are like the paint colors in an artist’s palette. Beads in the same colors as those found in the stone will give a very different effect than beads in a contrasting color. Metallic beads provide an elegant accent and really give the beadwork a finished look, while a mix of matte and shiny beads give it extra dimension. A great way to amplify a subtle color or pattern in a cabochon is to use that same color in some of the beads that will surround the cabochon.

Depending on the style of beadwork used to enhance it, the same cabochon can have an ultra-feminine or vintage look, or appear bold and modern. The theme of the necklace should extend from the beaded cabochon into the rest of the jewelry piece. For example, fringe can be a wonderful extension of the style chosen for the necklace. On the other hand, if the stone itself is large and important in scale, fringe may not be called for as part of the design.

The clasp and neckline beads used should also be chosen carefully, as they are an integral part of the overall effect of the finished piece. The stones in the necklace itself may be of the same type as the cabochon, or you can use a different, but complimentary material. For example, a translucent agate cabochon will usually look best with light and translucent neckline beads, rather than with a heavy, patterned, opaque jasper.

There are a number of elements that go into the creation of a beaded jewelry necklace featuring a beautiful cabochon. Taking the time to choose the proper elements which will best enhance your cabochon will result in a lovely work of wearable art that will be a delight to own and enjoy for many years to come.

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Help planning daughter’s 1st birthday!?

I’m planning my daughter’s 1st birthday party and want to do a bird and flower theme. After doing a lot of online searching I can’t seem to find a whole lot. I’m looking for this type of bird decor..

Also, any other ideas for table centerpieces, set ups..would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks so much! (:

I guess you are doing this theme to impress other parents since your one-year daughter won’t remember a thing.

Save your money and wait until your daughter is older so she can appreciate her party.


Make Your Own Boho Hoop Earrings Using Memory Wire! – Jewelry-making Tutorial

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