Beaded Angel

11 years ago

Beaded Angel
Beaded Angel

Jewelry artisans offer truly unique one of a kind handcrafted fashion accessories and gifts. Artisan jewelers do much more than set stones and string beads – each piece is truly a miniature work of art.

Sterling silver is a popular metal choice because it is affordable, but you’ll also find fine silver and 14K gold artisan jewelry. Many unique jewelery designs incorporate dichroic glass, gemstones, pearls and mixed metals.

Custom handmade jewelry can include bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings and necklaces. It doesn’t end there – popular items also include barrettes, belt buckles, pins, cuff links and more. Shopping for your own special handmade accessories is easier than ever now. An online search for handmade jewelery and custom made jewelry is easy with search engines like Google and sites like Etsy.

Artisans make their handmade items in a different way from today’s modern manufacturer. Each handcrafted silver ring or gold pendant is created one at a time in the artist’s studio. Handcrafted artisan pieces made from silver and gold are most common but if you browse the web, you’ll see that many artisans are experimenting with new design ideas and materials from paper to plastic resin. New ideas that become fabulous designs are added to online galleries every day, and designers continue to push the limits to new horizons.

Jewelry artisans are usually very knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to their work and will happily answer questions about metals, gemstones, techniques and processes for making jewelery. Colorful handmade designs are created with gorgeous natural and synthetic gemstones fashioned into beads, cabochons and faceted gems. Many artists express themselves in beaded creations including necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Wearing one of a kind handmade jewels gives the wearer a personal sense of style that is truly their own.

Custom made, one of a kind, and limited edition fashion accessories are even more appealing in today’s economy. Less is more these days, and jewelery made for the person wearing it is a great way to accent any style from casual to business wear. Artists are specialists – some work with beads, some with wire, and others with enamel. Some make just earrings, and others like to make necklaces. One of the more popular categories is chainmaille. Chainmaille is made with a variety of metals including sterling silver, brass, gold filled and copper. Many styles are available, from the traditional flat chain mail to fancy weaves like byzantine and rope chains.

Custom designs are a way to give every person a unique look. Many artisan jewelers will work with you to create fabulous one of a kind handcrafted earrings, pendants and more that are truly made just for you. Custom handcrafted jewelry has a distinct, original look and feel; most pieces are not easily copied because they contain unique gemstones or are personalized. Instead of mass produced cast settings, individually made bezels hold free form cut gemstones. Hand stamped accessories have made personalized items like message pendants more popular than ever. Artists are using glass to make beautiful beads that mimic miniature oceans with fish and gardens with fabulous tiny flowers. There is no limit to artisan jewelery design, because there is no limit to the imagination.

Robert Edwards is a jewelry designer and metal smith in New York City with more than 30 years of experience in the jewelry trade. He is the webmaster of a very popular silver jewelry site that features many unique and handcrafted designs.

Is anyone else as nutty over angels as me, I have them everywhere, my nieces call my house angel central?

I have them like on a gold beaded chains hanging from the pelmets, angel mobiles, salt and pepper shakers, candle holders, vases, books, they’re everywhere!

you should check out angel on here and if i get time i could send you a money angel as well

The Bead Angel

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