Beaded Doll

11 years ago

Beaded Doll
Beaded Doll

Hello Kitty is a lovely cat character that was born in 1974 in Japan. And it became famous rapidly and unimaginably. Hello Kitty was firstly used on purse and then it is used in many fields, such as clothes, handbags and jewelry, with its popularity in the world. And they will make you cuter.

Dazzling Hello Kitty doll

The cute Hello Kitty doll is bling bling in front of your eyes. 400 pink sapphires make its body. Its citrine nose, black eyes are made by platinum. The cute doll can be placed on your bed desk and it looks like a shiny angel.

Hello Kitty ring

The ring is a wedding ring that the bride’s ring shows the Hello Kitty image on the outside, groom’s ring hides Hello Kitty on the inner circle of the ring. Because if place Hello Kitty’s face on outside, there will be a backlash. So the bride’s ring has to care about the problem in case Hello Kitty would be knocked off. At the same time, it will be either good to place it inside. It is easily to abrade. The ring is made by platinum and the bride’s has two minuscule diamonds chips that added to Hello Kitty’s face.

The smile Hello Kitty ring is made by gold. And there is a love shape ring crosses on the ring and it has a ruby below it. The red and golden colors have made a festive and romantic atmosphere for you.

The cute Hello Kitty ring is made by gold, especially Hello Kitty’s beard that is very vivid. Its face is inlaid dazzling pure diamonds. She wears a bowknot that is composed of pink and yellow sapphires in rosy gold.

Hello kitty earring

The dazzling earring is made by platinum that inlaid pink diamonds. There is a spotlight that hello kitty wears a cute pink coat. It is really a complete hello kitty image that will attract many eyes for you if you wear it in the street. It also makes you more cute and lovely.The other one is made by pure gold. With exquisite skill, designer makes its concrete image, such as eyes, nose and flower on head. And it will give you a noble and graceful disposition.

If you want to know more about the latest cute Hello Kitty jewelry, please pay more attention to my update of jewelry.

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What should I wear when I go to Chicago?

a. a floral white knee length baby-doll dress, black jeweled ballet flats, my hair in an up-do, a pink beaded bracelet, a white crystal necklace, & white short sleeved rhinestone hoodie
b. a dark pink waist belted babydoll tunic, cropped denim capri pants, black jeweled ballet flats, my hair in an updo, a red beaded bracelet, a white crystal necklace, & a denim blazer
c. a red floral babydoll blouse, a dark wash denim mini, black jeweled ballet flats, my hair in a side ponytail, a red beaded bracelet, a red beaded necklace, & a denim blazer

b. vintage trends are so popular in Chicago!
The waist belt is a perfect accessory!
The pants fit the top!
The blazer is for chilly mornings.
See you later!

Donald J Pliner HB Doll Beaded 7738177

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