Beads Clear

11 years ago

Beads Clear
Beads Clear

Here is a fun paper craft project that you can do with five year old children. You may use recycling papers like old news paper, junk mail, old magazines or brown paper that you ultimately toss away. This way it becomes an earth-friendly project that enhances children’s awareness about ecology and re using materials to create something new.

Today we are going to make paper beads.

Materials needed:

*Strips of paper cut into 3″x1″ triangles with the two sides equal. For older kids this does not need to be done by adults but for five years it may be needed.

*Glue stick

*Dowel – I used wooden bar-b-queue skewers broken into two pieces, tooth picks, and wooden pencils for this purpose with varying results in shapes.

*A plastic mat or something to work on ( to save the table top).


1. Take one piece of paper triangle and lay on the mat.

2. Apply a bit of glue rolling the glue stick on the pointy (apex) part of the triangle.

Show them how you need only a little bit to use and how you roll down the glue stick and close the cap.

3. Take your dowel and starting from the wide base part of the triangle roll the triangle all the way up to the point where you put the glue. Make sure the glue sticks nicely. Roll a couple of times with your fingers to make a smooth cylindrical bead.

4. Gently slide off the bead from the dowel.

Some people at this point like to brush a mixture of one part clear glue with three parts water solution to give the beads a smooth feel and extra strength. Some like to brush clear nail polish for the same reason or spray sealant to give that polish.

I found at that point kids just want to hold the beads they just created, posses them and show off their art, so I do not bother for the polish.

You may ask the children if they want to make necklaces or bracelets with them. In that case give them some yarn to string and show them how to string and tie at the end.


• Give various colored paper strips of paper and show them the color wheel.Discuss with kids what combination of colors they will choose to make a necklace or bracelet piece?

• Change the size of the strips and the resulting shapes of the beads will change

• Change the dowel- it will give a very different shape and size from when a pencil is used.


Talk about the history of paper beads. In Victorian times women used to spend time making these paper beads leisurely in their parlors using the remnants of wall papers.

Share the story how during the Art Deco movement paper bead jewelry became so popular. What is the Art Deco movement? Paper beads in Africa can be another topic to discuss.

You may talk about recycling and how we can make art reusing the things we otherwise would throw away. Why is it important?


This project enhances fine motor skills in children.

Their eye hand co-ordination, concentration, social skills, language and new vocabulary will get better.

It stimulates their early math awareness and lays a foundation in geometry.

It raises their awareness of other cultures, appreciation of art, self esteem and emotional intelligence.

Most of all they will have fun with this fun paper craft project and their pride and delight will make you feel good.

To see more paper bead project check

Dita Basu, a Montessori teacher and mom writes in her web site She taught Early Childhood classes in Saint Mary’s College,CA and gave several Parent Education workshops through out the last twenty years. Her web site is for the work at home jewelry artist moms who work so hard for their art, parenting and home business all at the same time.

i am breastfeeding and found tiny clear beads on my breast. what do you think these could be from?

i have no idea what they are. they are tiny, the size of a small poppy seed, and are kind of gelatiney. i am wearing johnson and johnson nursing pads and don’t use any loitons on my breasts…please help me figure it out, need to know if it’s harmful for my baby to continue nursing. has anyone else experienced this?

it is the nursing pads. If you wear them for long periods of time or let them get to the point of soaked, they will leave little gel beads behind. It’s just the absorbent material from the pad. It sometimes will do the same thing on your babies bottom when they get really wet. No worries.

PAO Paper Bead Class 3 of 6 w/ Luanne -clear and gold

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