Beads Hours

11 years ago

Beads Hours
Beads Hours

summer dress… make up , hair ….? 48 hours times ticking?

ok so im shakira coloured skin , brown eyes , arched eye browds , full lips (not rubebr lips lol ) , and curly golden and dark brown hair i leave natral … so im wearing a white evening dress , eygption white cotton layerd at the bottom and has drk brown and beidge beads on the top top part ,,,, i

need make up and hair adice …………. i look nice with eyes done dark and natral lips but what should i for this night party ,,,,
please help ,

pics , email adds , web pages any think ,,,, i have 48 hours , ow yeh and shoes that will go with taht sleevles white dress , its arm less by the way and im from the uk if that help

up do. probably a curly messy bun or something
not heavy. try a whiteish beige base and a brown or beige on the lid below your crease. in the crease put brown(if your main color was beige) or a dark purple/maroon color(if your main color is brown) in the crease

i recommend MAC colors: shroom->base; saddle-> brown; sketch-> crease color

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