Beads Natural

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Beads Natural
Beads Natural

Just because you have to wear an identification badge, a whistle or perhaps, keys, around your neck for work doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. A lanyard is the cording or strap that holds these items, like a necklace, around your neck. There are many ways to show off your own individuality when wearing lanyards.

Beaded Lanyard Patterns: Crystals

Crystals have been a part of everyday life for centuries. They have been revered as a means to heal the sick and as a means to see the future. Crystals have a special dazzling quality about them that turns anything they are incorporated into fabulous. Many crystals, whether they are Austrian (like Swarovski) or Czech can be fairly expensive (Czech crystals are less so). To get a similar look and feel with your lanyard if crystals are not an option, try using faceted glass beads. These will be less expensive and almost just as dazzling. Another option is to use frosted glass beads, these beads are smoky and mysterious, and work well with metal spacers.

Beaded Lanyard Patterns: Fun, Hip Styles

Somber and serious may not always match someone’s personality. Lanyards can also be created using materials such as alphabet beads to spell out a person’s name, or perhaps their children’s or grandchildren’s names. Alphabet beads used to be available only in small white cubes but nowadays, with people designing their own jewelry more and more, alphabet beads can come in a variety of sizes, colors, even fonts. Have fun with intermixing metal, wood, and even crystal beads in with the alphabet beads. Several lanyards can be made to signify the holidays, spelling out with the alphabet beads different messages such as “Happy Halloween” “Happy Holidays” or even “Have a Nice Day.”

Beaded Lanyard Patterns:

Ever want to create your own lanyard instead of leaving it up to the professionals? They are super easy to make, not to mention fun. The kids can get in on this craft as well, and perhaps they can make one of their own.

You’ll need lanyard materials such as boondoggle, craftlace or monofilament, and of course, beads. Choose your beads according to color and style not only to match your personality but the environment of your workplace. It is best to have a bead board to set your beads in “place” before actually stringing them. If a bead board is not available, try using a piece of material such as felt, something that has “grab” to it so the beads do not roll. Place a metal loop at the center, one that will hold the lanyard object (key, id badge, etc). From there, place the beads on either side of the metal loop, making sure to balance both sides. Tie a knot at the end, if using monofilament, use a few drops of clear nail polish to secure the knot.

There are many other beads that can be used in beaded lanyard patterns such as:

-Polished stones

-Gemstones (choose your birthday month!)

-Pearls and faux pearls

-Glow in the dark beads

-Metals beads

-Colored glass

-Natural beads (such as wood, ivory)

Whatever your choice, have fun and keep it interesting!

Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about beaded lanyard patterns [], please visit Crafts For Teens Online [] for current articles and discussions.

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Where can I find clip-in hair feathers like these? I’d like to buy them in a store.

I also don’t want to pay a huge amount of money for them. $12.00 is the max. limit I’d like to spend.

oh i looove those. i have been looking for them also.

I heard that you can find them in some modern salons (im not sure if you live in the US)
but i wouldnt want to go looking for them.

I don’t think forever 21 has them, because i just stopped working there last month, and we never had them..

I would just look in hair stores, like Ulta

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