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Beads Pkg
Beads Pkg

If you are looking for a quick and easy holiday craft project that you can make with children ages 5 and up, I think you will appreciate this one because it is quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. You can find all of the supplies needed for the project at your local craft supply store.

These holiday snowflake ornaments would be a fun project to make with school groups, church youth groups and with a scouting troop. Once they have been completed, you can hang them on your holiday tree, hung off a holiday garland or a cute door or wall wreath.

Materials Needed

1 pkg. gold metallic chenille stems (pipe cleaners)

all-purpose white tacky glue

1 pkg. faceted 6mm plastic beads (primary color)

1 pkg. faceted 6mm plastic beads (secondary color)

1 pkg. tri-beads to match the primary color

1 pkg. clear flat-back faceted round rhinestones

1 hank gold metallic hanging cord

scissors and pliers

Time Saving Tips: If time is of the essence, you can cut the pipe cleaners into the appropriate sizes ahead of time and sort the beads into plastic containers that the children can easily reach in and grab one.

Step 1: Cut two pipe cleaners into thirds so that you have six total pieces. Bend one of the pipe cleaners around the center of another one so that it makes a loop around the center. Attach the third pipe cleaner around the same center as shown in the photo. Bend them if needed to form a 6-prong snowflake shape.

Step 2: You will want to do one spoke of the snowflake at a time and work clockwise. Thread your round faceted primary colored bead onto the spoke, followed by a secondary colored bead. Thread on a tri-bead, followed up by a secondary and primary colored beads. You should have a total of five beads on your spoke.

Step 3: Using needle nose pliers, bed the end of the pipe cleaner over so that the beads don’t slide off. If necessary, dot the end with a spot of glue.

You will want to repeat steps 1 through 3 for all of the spokes on your pretty snowflake.

Step 4: Glue a flat-backed clear rhinestone in the center of your ornament and let it dry. This will cover up the center area so that the pipe cleaners don’t show through.

Step 5: Cut off a 5″ to 6″ piece of gold metallic cord and tie it to the top of the snowflake ornament for hanging.

Let all of the ornaments thoroughly dry before hanging them on the tree or using them for package toppers.

Shelly Hill is a mother and grandmother living in Pennsylvania who enjoys crafting with her children and grandchildren. You can visit Shelly’s Passionate About Crafting Blog at for free craft project ideas and crafting tips. You can find a photo of the completed project at

how many 8 in bracelets could make out of 48 yds of 34 gauge beading wire?

i am making beaded bracelets. I am tryingg to buy wire in quanity and it comes in spools of 24 yds in a pkg of 2. I know there are 36 inches in a yd and i multiplied 36 by 48 = 1728 and divide 10 into that to give 2 in slack and come up with 172 and 8 , which my husband says will make me 172 bracelets, but that does not sound right to me. I think the amount u use also has somehting to do with the gauge of the wire but do not know exactly how.

i make it 216…

48ydx3= 144 ft
1728/8inches=216 lengths of 8 inch wire

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