Bear Scrapbook

11 years ago

Bear Scrapbook
Bear Scrapbook

For many people, photos are at the heart of their scrapbooks — and for a very good reason. We all treasure photgraphs of friends and loved ones, and many of us carry some with us wherever we go in a wallet or locket or keep photos on our desk at work. And if disaster were to strike and you had to evacuate your house, many people say they would save their photo albums before any other possessions!

So most scrapbooks will contain photographs. Even the most disinterested reader of

your scrapbook will look at them. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Therefore, it is important to choose photographs that are of good quality and clearly

illustrate your scrapbook theme.

Any photograph can be used in a scrapbook. Even instant photographs can be used

in scrapbooking. Just be careful that the chemicals within the photograph do not

spill out on the rest of your scrapbook. Digital pictures can easily be printed right

onto lignin-free and acid -free paper.

Always bear in mind that scrapbooking is permanent. For this reason, it is probably

better to use copies of your only picture of Great Aunt Betsy rather than risk ruining

the original photograph forever. So just scan the picture on your computer scanner

and print the image on lignin free and acid free paper.

Everybody loves looking at photos of family, friends and special places. That’s why

they have such a special place in any scrapbook. It can be a lot of fun to use photos

in imaginative layouts and for abstract effects — don’t feel confined just to

mounting your photos as you would in a traditional photo album.

You can find inspiration for new scrapbooking ideas from magazines and visits to

art museums. Just keep your eyes open and let your imagination run free!

Nigel Patterson is a writer on arts and crafts and the publisher of Create Your Own Scrapbooks.

Visit his website for new and imaginative scrapbooking tips and ideas — so you can maintain your most treasured mementos and present them artistically for you, your family and your friends to enjoy.

For those who buy/sell scrapbook pages on e-bay.

What is it with “tear bears”. It seems like you can’t sell a scrapbook page for a decent price on e-bay unless it has those hideous “tear bears” on them. I put a LOT of work into my work, and I do beautiful work – it takes up to 16 hours for me to make a 2 page scrapbook layout, and my pages are just as good if not better by far than the best selling pages on there, but because I flat out refuse to use “tear bears” on my pages, they don’t sell very well. I won’t use them because I think that they are stupid and ugly. To see what “tear bears” are, go to and type in “premade scrapbook pages” and sort them by highest price first. Really, what is the deal?

I sell scrapbook pages on ebay. I’m not real impressed with the whole tear bear thing,but that’s what is in right now and what people want. I have found ways to get around the bear thing. I’ve done tear dogs,trees,birds etc. I’ve even done Disney layouts and put some kind of hand torn item on the page and they sell. I’m not sure why people are so crazy for the tear bears. As long as the words tear bear are in the title and something is hand torn on the page,people will buy it. If I want to make money selling pages,I have to give people what they want. For my own personal pages however,I do not use any tear bears at all. Just not my thing.

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