Beautiful Hand

11 years ago

Beautiful Hand
Beautiful Hand

Everyone says that I have the most beautiful hand-writting, and that I should do something with it?

Like address wedding invitations for people ect. Any ideas and how would I get started???

Try taking a calligraphy class. They’re fun, and you’ll learn exactly how to do all of that stuff. It’ll definitely develop your handwriting. I took one when I was younger and used to do certificates and stuff for extra money when I was in school. I did the invitations for my mom’s wedding and some stuff with my step-dad’s photography as well.
Since you already have a natural talent for it, it should be easy for you. The class will teach you how to use the tools correctly and teach you lots of different styles.
You’ll probably make some connections by taking the class and you can start out by doing some work for friends and acquaintances to build your portfolio. Good luck. 🙂

Thought of You – by Ryan Woodward

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