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11 years ago

Berroco Yarn
Berroco Yarn

I’m having trouble with a knitting pattern. Can anybody help ME? 10 POINT TO THE BEST ANSWER!!! HELP PLEASE!!!

I’m a beginer and I’m knitting my dog a sweater. Here is the pattern it’s one of Berroco’s free patterns:

I’m on the part that says:Shape Shoulders and Neck: (RS): …..This is the part I’m having trouble with…… it saids to Bind off 4 sts, k until there are 10 sts on RH needle, sl center 16 sts onto holder for back neck, join another hank of yarn and k to end. Working both sides at once, bind off 4 sts at beg of the next row, then 3 sts at beg of the next 4 rows. AT THE SAME TIME, bind off 4 sts at each neck edge once.

Could someone explain all of this to me step by step like if you were right here in my livingroom telling me how to do this. I’m realy stuck,HELP!
And oh yeah could you answer these questions too…..
Do you put the stiches on the holder in front of the work and then knit the rest of the stiches?
Where do I join the other hank of yarn?
What does it mean to Work both sides at once?

Hope you know how to bind off then knit your 10 stitches. there are large pins for you to put the next 16 stitches on. get another skein of yarn and fasten it to the next stitch and work to the end. On the next row bind off 4 stitches and work to where you have the 16 stitches on the needle put the 16 stitches on a holder. I really don’t like to work it that way so i just turn the material after I would have worked the 10 stitches and follow the instructions following the ” Working both sides at once” until that side is done Leave the holder alone and attach your yarn to your pattern at the NECK edge. and work that in reverse of the other side. 1. It doesn’t make any difference where you put the holder just have it where it is comfortable to work around. 2. The attach would be at the neck edge , the next stitch past the 16 you put on the holder3. Working both side at once would be first the one side and go past the 16 stitches and then work the second side. If you need nay further help check my avitar and e-mail me.

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