Betty Boop

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Betty Boop
Betty Boop

For the older, I mean grown up, crowd, here’s a couple of Betty Boop party game ideas for your Betty Boop party! If you want the night to be a good one, Betty Boop party games are an absolute must. Just watch out for anyone having too much fun!

“Who is it?” Betty Boop Party Game

Make sure you let EVERYONE know that artistic talent is not a pre-requisite for this game! It all just for fun! You will give everyone a sheet of white paper. On the top each guest will draw the head of a man, woman, cartoon character, whatever they want. They will then fold the sheet down into thirds, so their drawing can’t be seen. Each paper is passed around, with everyone continuing to add to the picture, without knowing what the head of the picture is. When the picture is finished, the head is finally shown, and everyone gets to see exactly what they’ve created! This Betty Boop party game always ends in a lot of laughter!

“Head, Hands and Feet” Betty Boop Party Game

Make sure you have a cleared area for this Betty Boop party game so when things really get going nobody is in danger of being hurt! Each guest must “run” the distance of 10 to 15 feet with a book on their head, a glass full of water in one hand, and a broom in the other. While “running” they must be rolling a ball with their feet…oops, sorry, not kicking the ball ahead of you in this game! Which ever team is the fastest wins! Just remember, your guests will be “running” with water, so you want to make sure nobody is in danger of slipping on spilled water!

If you’re planning a Betty Boop party, games are an absolute must. You can use these ones to start off with, adjust some popular favorites to suit the theme or even come up with a few yourself. Whatever option you choose, your guests are sure to have a great time.

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Betty Boop Minnie the Moocher

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