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Big Cartoon
Big Cartoon

When it comes to boys, there are some standard costumes that you will see year after year at Halloween time. With many of them, they wear the costume year round in creative play. Some of them are not the best color-wise for use at dusk, so make sure you add reflective tape at the wrists, at the ankles and around the waist when possible.

Batman – This popular super-hero makes an appearance every year. No matter how old this franchise is, young boys still find the character appealing. Comic books and movies starring Batman are still being created, and several cartoon variations are in syndication.

Superman – Another old super-hero that I see at least a half dozen of each Halloween. With the new movie in theaters this past Summer, I’m sure a whole new generation of youngsters were introduced to the “Man Of Steel”.

Army Man – With the war in Iraq still sending troops overseas, many young boys are seeing news clips with men in fatigues. The past couple of years I have seen a big jump in boys dressing as soldiers at Halloween time.

Sponge Bob Squarepants – This cartoon character from Nick has made a big impact on boys of various ages. He is silly and not too smart, but he makes a great costume on Halloween.

Mickey Mouse – With the reintroduction of the new “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on the Disney Channel, Mickey is sure to make a big comeback.

Diego – This will be an easy costume, though only popular in warmer climates. Diego is Dora the Explorer’s cousin and has branched out into his very own show. With outdoor boots, shorts and a cool red rescue pack, I believe this will be a costume I see much more this year.

Power Ranger – Although the show is geared more toward much older children, Power Rangers are popular with kids of all ages. Every year, I am absolutely amazed at how many Blue, Red and Green Rangers still knock on my door.

My best advice when costuming your child at Halloween is let them choose what they want. Don’t make big plans and create a costume, only to turn around and see they want to buy something “cool” from the store. They are not going to have fun in a costume you force them to wear, which will ultimately ruin your night, too.

Nicola always enjoys Halloween parties with her family. Visit her Halloween site for tips and information about Kids Halloween Costume Ideas at

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What is the name of cartoon dolls in the 70’s with pointed heads and big eyes that said love is sayings?

These were cute little cartoon dolls with pointed heads and great big eyes that had lots of different sayings like “Love is never having to say your sorry” and different ones. I can’t remember what they were called, they looked sorta like precious moments dolls.

Robert and Kim.

Big O cartoon Full theme song

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