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Bit Head
Bit Head

Part 1 it’s all in the body language –

So everyone thinks that the only way to get a woman is approach and conversation. That is so off base and it is not even funny! Many people have this misconception that it is all in the conversation. Women will know almost everything about you before you even open your mouth. Body language is a huge part of who you are in terms of how you carry yourself. Meaning it is advertising to everyone else on who you are. But how would you be able to use your body language to promote a good vibe for the opposite sex?

Think about the most confident person you know. Think about all of the women you have seen him with. Now think about how he carries himself in terms on promoting seduction. Walks tall with a big smile, Head up with his back straight, walks slow with a little bit of a bounce. These are all symptoms of what we call the “Alpha Male”. No one wants to admit it but we are like every other animal in this world. We have spectrums from strong to weak, tall to short, Alpha to beta. These are basic animal instincts that we have that we deny the existence of. Why am I telling you this? What is the purpose? Just like the alpha lion that gets to be with all the lady lions while resting until someone challenges the herd, our alpha males are the same way.

They have the walk and swagger where women find it irresistible. Seduction does not start when you approach it starts the moment you walk through the room. The way you look around to the way you sit down, you need to show your dominance in an alpha way.

Simple ways of acting this way:

Tip#1- they walk in a slower pace- Alpha’s are the master of their own domain so walking slower shows confidence, knowing they will be somewhere without stressing is an amazing feeling.

Tip#2- Head up shoulders back, chest out- this is a ready stance for the alpha. Having this type of stance is Alpha and is irresistible to the opposite sex. This is also a very healthy way of standing and truly showing your masculinity.

Tip#3- Take up space- I don’t mean get fat but feel like you are taking up real space. When in a group do you stand in the back of the crowd talking or are you upfront in the action? This is where your alpha shows, where you can be the center of attention.

These are all great tips to seduce women without even having to talk to them. You have to be the one to try it and believe in yourself. Now there are several other ways of acting which drive women wild so leave a comment and I will email you the three other tips!

I am a 27 year old life coach teaching men how to conquer fears through affirmation. To learn more on this visit

My horse keeps his head near the ground while he moves in a snaffle bit. Wont go in straight lines.?

Now he just stetches his neck out and almost drags his head. The bit isn’t too narrow. He has been ridden in a hackamore for the last couple of years. I know the girl I bought him from, ran barrels with him and used a bit.

First – have his teeth checked and floated if needed

That’s usually the cause of bit problems – evading the pain

Bit-head – Stressed out

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