Black Gold

11 years ago

Black Gold
Black Gold

A compost bin tumbler can help do the heavy lifting of creating dark, rich compost in less time so you can use more of it faster. As a gardener you know just how great compost is for your garden. That lovely black gold nourishes your plants better than anything you can buy for them. You also know that compost takes time to create. You can help organic matter decay faster, but it still takes time. One of the best ways you can help your compost-to-be become compost faster is by turning it frequently.

Turning compost helps break down the bigger bits of matter and helps let air in to the pile. The smaller the pieces and the right combination of air and water helps compost-to-be become compost faster.

You can do all this by turning your compost bin frequently with a fork. Manual turning works great. It is, however, labor and time intensive and so usually doesn’t get done as often as it could. You can also use a compost bin tumbler or spinner.

I love these gizmos. You fill the hopper with your combination of organic matter, green and brown, add water if needed and mix or more correctly spin. The barrel of the composter rotates breaking down larger bits of matter and adding air to the mix helping the decay process along.

This isn’t magic that happens overnight, but it does speed up the process and takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of the equation. You still need to have an understanding of what makes up compost and how it works. You still need to fill the hopper and spin the tumbler. I’m sure there are some with auto powered tumblers out there, but for the most part you need to supply the labor to work the compost bin tumbler. Its still a lot less work than manually turning your pile and is a great option for speeding the process up to spin black gold for your garden.

There are a variety of designs and sizes of compost bin tumblers available. Some that are just right for the backporch and some for the back 40. Stop by my site where I’ve done a lot of the shopping to find the best on the market along with great deals and free shipping.

What nail polish to wear with a black and gold dress?

I have a black dress with gold/tan on the sides, and found a pair of black strappy heels with what looks like very very subtle cheetah print which gave a gold/tan color to match my dress well. What sort of nail polish color would be best?

In case this is needed info: I’m blonde and have a very fair skin tone.

I Would recomend to paint them base BLACK and then put Gold 2 gold lines in the corner ( You can do this with a proper nail art set, or a simple eyeliner liquid brush) I hope i helped

p.s this is what i would do :)) x

Sam Sparro – Black&Gold *NEW ADDED LYRICS*

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