Black Rubber

11 years ago

Black Rubber
Black Rubber

If you want to look great even when it’s raining outside, you really need a stylish pair of rain boots. Any old pair of rubber boots will keep your feet dry when you’re walking from the house to the car, but once you get to wherever you’re going, you don’t want to be seen in a grungy old pair of boots. You want a pair that looks good with whatever else you are wearing.

One pair that has a really nice look is the Tie Dye Raisin rain boot from 1.4.3. Girl. This boot is mostly light blue in color with a band of black around the top and bottom. In the center is a large peace symbol. The whole boot has a tie-dyed look to it, with bands of white like you would see in a tie-dyed shirt where the dye was blocked. The peace symbol itself is mostly purple with yellow in the middle.

Another sharp-looking pair of 143 Girl rain boots is the Scottie Dog version of the Raisin boot. These boots are red with black Scottie dogs all over the upper. There is a black stripe around the top of the boot and around the bottom of the foot as well. The soles are made of black rubber.

For women who love animal prints, the cheetah print rain boots from Chooka will give you a wild look that goes well with your other animal-print garments. If you have a cheetah or leopard print umbrella, these boots are a perfect choice. They can even look great when mixed with other animal prints if you are careful about your choices.

Finally, for a classy look that is not too modern or flashy, try a pair of Classy Classic Chooka rain boots. These boots come in gray or black and feature both stripes and dots. The foot and shaft are covered with white polka dots, and there is a band of stripes at the base of the foot, just above the black sole. Another band of stripes surrounds the leg at the top of each boot. There is a single buckle at the top of the boot that is attached to a striped band.

When choosing a pair of rubber rain boots, you want something that will do more than just keep your feet dry. These 143 Girl rain boots and Chooka rain boots will help you look your absolute best no matter how rainy and wet it gets.

What do I wear with black rubber boots with white polka dots?

Im wearing like a black and gold t shirt for my high school ocolors and jeans, but it just looks funny.
Especially with my jeans tucked in them?

help [=
I want to wear the boots, i just don’t know what to wear them with. OR how to wear them.

well thats a problem……

I would switch the outfit then….. like maybe wear black shoes with that shirt….

or wear the black rubber boots with a black and white tshirt…..

Black Rubber (4) Submersion

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