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Can someone help with bright blue-white star in the constellation Orion?

Lim told Yolanda that he bright blue-white star in the constellation Orion is called Rigel. It is 900 light-years away. Yolanda then wondered whether Rigel still exists. What answer could Lim give Yolanda?

I don’t know need help please explain 🙂 Thankyou 10 points best answer!

That the light from Rigel they see today left Rigel 900 years ago. The maximum mass allowed for the formation of stars today permit them to live with a minimum lifespan of a few hundred thousand years. Rigel though luminous and massive, at most it is not the most massive star so it would probably still be around since its lifespan exceeds a few million years.

Both Yolanda nad Lim can conclude that Rigel will still be around for a few million years and that this age alone confirms that the light they are seeing will continue for years to come.

Clear skies!

P.S. The latest Hipparcos distance correction places Rigel at around 850 light-years.

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