Blythe Pullip

10 years ago

Blythe Pullip
Blythe Pullip

Anyone have information on Pullip dolls?

I have recently developed an obsession with them. In a couple of weeks I will be getting my first one, but I’m a little bit iffy about it. I barely know anything about them. So I need some very DETAILED information.

1) Do the Blythe wigs fit on the Pullip dolls?
2) Where is the best place to buy their clothing?
3) Where do you buy their “housing”?
4) Where is the best place to buy their eyes?
5) Where is the best place to buy their stuffed animals&&housing items?
6) How do you tell their body type?

If you have any informatiion or know where I can get this information PLEASE let me know.
Thank you all and have a wonderful day/night 😀

I think the best place to buy Pullip dolls clothing and housing is Try this link

Mis pullips, blythe y Dollcena

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