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11 years ago

Boat Tote
Boat Tote

Name of this handbag?

I am trying to remember the name of a handbag brand that was very popular in around 2003-2004. The bags were kind of boat-shaped, with the top and bottom one color and the sides another color. It was made of some sort of fabric, and came in many sizes, from cosmetic cases to small handbags to large tote bags. It had a two-word name in French.


I think you are describing the most well-known model called ”Le Pliage” of the french brand Longchamps and you can find them in plenty of colors and sizes and they do fold as in the size of a cosmetic bag.

p.s: sorry the website is all in french but on the left side menu, click on ”le pliage” then you can see the whole collection.

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