Bobbin Thread

10 years ago

Bobbin Thread
Bobbin Thread

Can you rewind the thread to a spool from a bobbin?

I am a beginner sewer. My top thread from the spool seems to run out before my bottom bobbin thread. Can I take the bobbin thread and re thread the top spool thread?

No, but you can put the bobbin up on the regular spool holder on most machines. I suggest you create smaller bobbins rather than running the full bobbin, this will keep you from running out of thread.

Be sure you’re buying the standard sewing spools not the small ones for embroidery machines. You should get 2-3 bobbins with equal amount from the spool. If this is not the case, you may also need to get your machine checked out by a repairman (not as expensive as you might think!). I personally prefer an older machine, but the money you spend on a good machine can save you in frustration in the long run.

Enjoy your new hobby and may you make many fantastic new things!

How To Thread Bobbin on Brother LS 2125 Sewing Machine

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