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What can I put in my recycle box in Sedgefield Boro (or anywhere just to get advice)? Cheers.?

Hi all, I have decided to make the effort and do my bit, so what exactly can I put in my recycle box? I currently have wine bottles, food tins, and plastic pop bottles and both the bin men and recycle men come early Thursady morning so the sooner the reply to this the better. Can I put in the glass bottles in as someone says I can’t?


Paper – newspapers, magazines, junk mail, white telephone directories, catalogues, all other white and coloured paper.

Glass – glass bottles and jars (please rinse out first if possible).

Cans – steel and aluminium, food cans, drinks and aerosol cans (please rinse out and flatten if possible).

There are a series of mini recycling sites around the Borough provided by Sedgefield Borough Council and local and national charities, enabling you to recycle cans, glass, paper and shoes. Durham County Council also provide Household Waste Recycling Centres at Coxhoe, Newton Aycliffe (Heighington Lane), Tindale Crescent (Roman Way Industrial Estate), and Tudhoe Industrial Estate. Details of these and other sites in County Durham and what can be recycled can be found on their website

If you find that one is just not enough, you can obtain another box free of charge. Sedgefield Borough’s Customer Service Team will arrange for one to be delivered to your home at no additional cost.

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