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10 years ago

Boutique Stickers
Boutique Stickers

Help finding Debbie Mumm product?

I found a scrapbooking kit from LTD by Debbie Mumm’s Paper Boutique. It’s called Scrapbooking Simple 1-2-3.

The kits include 16 printed pages, stickers, and die-cuts.

I can’t find these any longer. Does anyone know how I can get these (I looked on the Internet, but obviously not in the right place….) or something like it? I really love these because the pages are already decorated, and you only need to add the pictures.

I’d appreciate it if anyone can help me find these or something similar. I love to scrapbook, but these kits/pre-made pages really help me!

Thank you so much.

I’m not sure if the site below has exactly what you are looking for but maybe it’s close:o)

3 scrap storage: faux book boxes, stickers, embellishments

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