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Boy Girl
Boy Girl

It is relatively simple to buy baby boy gifts or baby girl gifts as compared to twins gifts and if you blessed with twin babies and are in a fix while deciding what you should gift them, then I have compiled some simple twin gift ideas that are fun and easy to implement. These are the gifts your twin babies would just adore, and you will remember and cherish the memories associated with these for a long time.

First and foremost, you can make diaper cakes. Diaper cakes have an added sense of self-involvement and therefore, you are bound to feel that belonging when you prepare diaper cakes for your baby. Diaper cakes are basically stacks of diapers and other goodies arranged in such an order that they look just like different tiers of a multi-tier cake. You can also hire professional diaper cake makers for making memorable diaper cakes that you would not want to dismantle. Such cakes are not only beautiful and not only will your twin babies adore them; they are of great use as well. If you get them made from a professional, he might throw in some more goodies like bibs, t-shirts and cotton clothing, which would be of great utility in times to come. If you are invited to a baby shower, you can get such a cake made, and jam-pack it with all the goodies that would be required by the expectant mother. In doing so, you would create an adorable, yet useful gift for the mother and the babies. Depending upon your specifications, size of the cake and your budget, a cake may contain anywhere between 70 to 100 baby diapers and goodies like baby booties, caps, stuffed and plush toys and baby pacifiers as well.

Twin gifts can be fun and another idea of similar proportions is to get a twin baby gift basket made for the babies. Because baby diaper cakes are suitable for only some particular occasions, such as baby showers, you would need better ideas to suffice for other occasions such as Christmas, baby’s first birthday and baby shower, of course. For twin babies, you can get a basket containing two units of every in-demand item that concerns babies. It would be a wonderful gift to mix and match things without sticking to a particular theme. Of course, if you want to prepare a basket for a particular theme, such as bathing, diapers, food materials or clothes, you can go ahead, but often, the purpose of planning a baby gift basket is to add a bit of everything in order to diversify the utility of your gift.

The third and final gift idea for twins would be getting them an early reader’s book series or books for the bed-time. This would be a unique gift, and would be remembered by the babies when they grow up.

All the ideas above are not gender specific and the same idea can be used while designing baby boy gifts or baby girl gifts with equal ease.

This author lives in Hampton, NJ with her husband and 5 month old daughter and is an expert contributing author for a luxury baby gift baskets boutique offering variety of wholesale baby gifts, baby baskets, handprint footprint kits and more.

What is a good boy/girl birthday party idea for a 13 year old?

Hi I’m trying to come up with an idea for my birthday party! I want it to be a boy girl party and preferably out of my house so I don’t have to clean! ;] thanks!

Bowling or roller skating would be something age appropriate that both genders would enjoy. It is relatively inexpensive, but also keeps the children contained to an area where they can be monitored easily.

Thailand’s Got Talent : Boy or Girl? (English Subtitle)

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