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KNITTING – joining yarn by piercing old strand with needle?

Am currently working on a project using 100% mercurized cotton yarn and need to join a new ball of yarn. Felting is not possible as this is not wool yarn, and I am unhappy with the “joining yarn” methods I’ve used before (knots are ugly and when I stitch old/new yarns at same time I get a bulky knit that stands out). So, I searched the internet and found another method. Can anyone tell me if they’re familiar with the following method and if it’s any good? Also, if anyone is familiar with it, what kind of yarn is it best suited for?

With this method you join the yarn at begining of a row by using a needle with the new yarn attached. You pierce the old yarn tail and first loop with the needle and thread the new yarn through the old yarn.

What do the experts here think of this method? Any good? Would it work well with cotton?

Here’s what I do. Drop the old yarn when you have five or six inches left and just continue with new yarn leaving five or six inch tail. Keep track of the loops so one doesn’t unknit. After two or three rows go back to the back side and make one tie to cross the yarn tails then put each tail on a needle and weave it into the knitted fabric like you do when you end the piece. Check your tension on the stitches because they will be loose. Tighten them up before you tie and weave.

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