Bullet Pen

11 years ago

Bullet Pen
Bullet Pen

What kind of bullet is my pen made of?

I was given a bullet that has been made into a pen and I would like to know what kind of bullet it is.
I can only accurately measure the case which is ALMOST 10cm or 4in long.
On the bottom it says “AFF CENTENARY 88”
not sure what the opening is
I’ve looked up the 7.62mm ones and the are about as tall as a AA battery but the case is about twice as long

it is a 50 cal cartridge case size Case length 3.91 in (99 mm)

Centenary cartridge headstamped AFF 88 CENTENARY

AFF = Ammunition Factory Footscray in Victoria Australia

The relationship between munitions factories and the Maribyrnong area is a long and significant one. It dates back to the mid 1870’s with the construction of the Saltwater Gunpowder Magazine in 1874. Fourteen years later, in 1888, the Colonial Ammunition Company built the Colonial Ammunition Factory in Footscray. This factory soon became a major supplier to the colonial forces.

Bullet Pens

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