Burner Fragrance

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Burner Fragrance
Burner Fragrance

Soybean candles are increasingly becoming popular. Many people love these candles for their amazing features. They burn cleaner and they come from natural sources. It is also eco-friendly and a renewable resource. They may be quite expensive compared to candles made of paraffin wax but it is still very attractive to enthusiasts and candle lovers. Knowing how to make soybean candles is definitely a great skill to learn.

In making soybean candles, soy wax is used instead of the regular paraffin wax. Soy wax comes from hydrogenated soybean oil, produced from soybean flakes. Soybean candles produce cleaner soot than those candles that are made from paraffin wax. Many people make soybean candles because of this characteristic.

The process on how to make soybean candles is quite similar to the process of making paraffin wax candles. The big difference is the kind of wax used and the temperature at which it melts. Similar to paraffin wax, a double burner is used to melt soy wax.

The wax is melted by placing it in a pot which is again placed in a larger pot filled with water. Then it is heated until the wax is melted evenly. The wax should be heated between 150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The wax should not be heated to a temperature higher than this to avoid burning it. If the soy wax is burned, it turns a yellowish color. Once the wax has fully melted, color can be added. Now is the time you can also add fragrance.

Fragrance should be added to the melted wax using the proper ratio. For every one pound of soy wax 1.12 ounce of fragrance oil is placed. Avoid increasing the ratio for it may cause the candle to bleed. When the temperature of the wax goes down to 95-110 degrees Fahrenheit, you can transfer it into the mold, and then allow it to cool down. Do not use water to speed up the cooling process of the wax and do not pour it into the mold in a very low temperature. This will cause the candles to break apart and crack.

Soy wax has a softer composition compared to paraffin wax. It is suitable for making novelty type candles. Soy wax can also be made into floating candles if they are not more than 3 inches in diameter. Soy wax is not ideal for making taper or pillar candles, as these types of candles need a harder wax to allow them to stand by themselves.

Like paraffin wax, soy can also holds scents and colors. This makes knowing how to make soybean candles even more fun and entertaining. If you know how to make candles out of paraffin wax then making soybean candles will not be that hard for you.

Learning how to make soybean candles will serve as an additional knowledge for newbie candle makers. You can use it for making decorative candles and for business too. It is also nice to try different types of candles and the process of creating them. It gives you a variety of candles that you can choose to do and design.

To gain more information on How to make soybean candles, please feel free to check out our site which gives a complete overview into the amazing world of candle making.

Survey: What kinds of things do you want for Christmas? (If you even celebrate it)?

Example (These really are the kinds of things I would like to have):

incense holders and storage box
books on things like astrology and chakras and how to speak Irish Gaelic and such
oil burners
fragrance oil
small tranquility fountain
Celtic Woman CDs and Miyazaki films :3


Also please include your age =D I’m 13, gonna be 14 in March.

Thank you! =D

I fine the things you want very interesting as they are not usually things somebody your age would choose. You seem very spiritual. I am 28 and I really would like:
Bed linen
DVD of grave of the fireflies.

slatkin & Co oil burners and oils/ tips for home fragrance

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