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Button Maker
Button Maker

Google Adsense PAD XML Extractor, Web Page Creator and Shareware Site Maker allows you to instantly create thousands of web pages from XML PAD files – each with your Google Adsense code automatically inserted. This is ideal for easily setting up and maintaining your own shareware site.


a) visits each PAD URL in a list (text file) and automatically creates a web page for each (based on your own web page template).

b) visits each PAD URL and stores each PAD file as a text file on your local computer – allowing you to manipulate those files easily and without necessarily being constantly connected to the Internet.

c) creates web pages from locally stored PAD text files (PAD files stored as text files).

d) traverses through a list of PAD text files, automatically creates folders for all the categories, creates Google Adsense web pages based on your own web page template and sorts the web pages by category – so in order to create a shareware site, you simply have to upload the files to your domain.

Available from http://www.clickok.co.uk/SharewareSiteCreator/pay.html, this software easily pays for itself and allows you to start earning Google Adsense income fast.

a) Simply click the main button (“Make pages from PAD file URLs”) and the software will automatically visit each URL in turn and create a web page for each (based on your own template, discussed below). This requires that the software is able to visit each URL, hence you must have a live internet connection.

b) Tick the “Just store PAD files as text files” check box and the main button’s text also becomes “Just store PAD files as text files” ; click the button and the software visits each PAD file URL and stores each one as a text file on your local computer. Again, this requires that the software is able to visit each URL, hence you must have a live internet connection BUT once all the files are downloaded as local text files, you don’t need to be online constantly again – the files are stored locally and you can manipulate at will.

c) Once all the PAD files are stored locally, you can click the second check box (“Make web pages from PAD text files”) and again the button text will change and you will be asked to choose the location of the PAD text files; click the main button and the data in the local PAD text files will be used to create web pages (based on your own web page template and your own Google Adsense code).

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WRITE THAT SCREENPLAY! Google Adsense PAD XML Extractor, Web Page Creator and Shareware Site Maker can be found at [http://www.file-splitter-by-lines.com]

Also from: http://www.sqaji.com

You can also receive a free sample file by entering your email address at this site.

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Kal Bishop, MBA

Button maker?

I was wondering if anyone knows where i could buy a button maker, like the buttons you wear that have a picture in them. I want to make buttons to give out of my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy, for C.P. awareness. I’ve tried Michaels designs, I have tried Hobby Lobby, no luck so far.

reminder to check yellow pages , could also check fabric related stores,
austin texas ~buttons overnite company,

Button badge maker press machine die tool ,
http://www.babbleweb.ca/ ~closed


Cerebral Palsy,♡


freeware programs to help design buttons,

Inkscape illustrator
Gimp ~image editor,

Online Sketch Pad – Scribble… Doodle… Draw.
SKETCHR – Draw Online!

Etsy How-to Make a Pinback Button

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